Done… Thankfully

Well folks, my biggest distraction is now behind me.  I have officially been awarded my Bachelor’s in Science with a major of Network Security.  I am still studying for CISSP, which will be the big one, but that might take me months.  As it stands I am looking at August before it’s time to take that.  I have decided to get back into programming, as that is where I have the most fun.  I want to finish what I started with Project Spark, and then shift into using Unreal Engine 4.  I like the ideas coming through my head right now.  I want to make a game similar to that of the mafia war browser based game from the early thousands.  I don’t want to make that game exactly, but I want some form of online ranking and such in a project sparkish style.  We will see where that goes anyways.  As far as Unreal 4, I want to get used to the blueprint programming.  I also want to play with C++ as it is a very nice language to work with.  We will see how it all works.  I really am looking forward to it all.

Today I learned that the plural of conscience is consciences.  (I know, sounds lame, but it is one of those things that unless you have to use the word, you don’t think about, and it just sounds weird if you say it, so I looked it up.)


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