Database fun

So I managed to create the pokemon database.  With 3 individual tables each related with a single key with each other in series.  I was able to use JOINs creatively to make it show me every card that I need, as well as every card that I have.

I will have to upload it to my portfolio, because although it may not be academic in nature, it is certainly a polished product which I can showcase.  I have definitely enjoyed making it and cataloging each of my cards using it.  My next endevour is to maintain it with the newer cards and link it up to a list of all pokemon.  Once linked, I will be able to bring up only pokemon cards which relate to a specific pokemon or type.

As far as other projects in the work, I just finished playing clue.  I realized that the only reason I come up with the guesses that I do is because I use analytical thinking to find who has what.  My process is something like the following:

1.  As soon as I get my card, I list each of my cards so I know what they are.

2.  I assign each row on my guess sheet to a player like so:

M | F | D | T

3.  Each time someone guesses, I put a G with the guess number next to it for each item they guess.  So G1 for the first guess, G2 for the second etc.

4.  As it goes around to each person, if someone says No to any guesses, I can safely rule them out for having the cards, so I put a N under the coloumn for their name.

5.  If someone hands a card, I place a question mark next to it with the number so ?1 for guess 1, ?2 for guess 2, etc.  This is because it could be any of the cards they have.

6.  This is where it gets fun though.  Each player has 5 cards, so as soon as I find their 5 cards, I mark N for every other card they don’t have.  This is to help in finding who has the remaining cards.

7.  If someone guesses something I know they have, it helps me more, because it narrows down what the person who gave them a card could be showing them.

8.  When guessing, I limit what I guess to not always include my own things, but sometimes to include them.  I don’t want people to automatically guess that I have what I guess.

9.  If someone guesses a card, it doesn’t mean they do or do not have it.  Although if none of the other players do have it, it becomes suspect and warrants further investigation.

10.  Nos are more valuable than yeses, and if you know someone has a card, and they give a result, you still have to put question marks, but it is almost assured tht they gave the same card.

– Thomas


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