Fun few days

So, I hate getting side tracked, because I forget where I was.  I am still working on the game, but very little because life keeps getting in the way.  I should be graduating at the end of 10 weeks from now :D.

The next big milestone after that is CISSP which will be in May some time.

So I got approached by several people at work.  My team’s new goal is to create and maintain a life cycle management system for use by my coworkers to manage small parts and pieces.  We are limited in what we can use unfortunately, and I was given Access to do it.  Access is like the redheaded step child of DBMSs.  Noone wants to use it, but because it is integrated with Office, which most everyone has anyways, it is what a lot of people end up using.

I spent a good 3 hours today playing aroudn with a single SQL command.  I have never been a fan of how difficult it is to get to the SQL querying of Access.  The Visual system that it uses is awesome if all you need is a basic query, but anything overly complex, and you might as well give up.

Earlier in the day, I spent about 30 minutes getting the requirements from my boss about what he wanted to see from it.  From there I extrapolated that we wanted a scalable, flexable system which we can input parts, assign parts an End of Life (EOL), at which point maintenance or replacement would be necessary.  It has to print out various reports, which I wrote down, and it has to be able to help translate this into a price we can ask from our Supply Department.  For instance, if we were to input all of the information into it, I should be able to just bring up a report, take it to supply, and from that they should know exactly what we need, and When we need it.  Much less interferance from them.

Well I created from that an ERD with cardinality listed.  I used crows foot notation because it is the easiest one to use in Visio for me.  Created my intial design and normalized it down to BCNF.  With redundancy reduced to near 0 (I don’t want to spend the time focusing on whether or not it is 6NF because it just isn’t worth it.  BCNF is way more than I would have needed anyways), I was left with a decent diagram to go off of.

I took that and went into Access and created the tables.  I did determine a few fields I needed based on the requirements which I had forgotten about (price of course).

I then started work on the 3 hour query.  I wanted to be able to bring up the next month of EOLs with extended Service EOLs figured in.  Once that pain was over, I then had the basis for all of my queries.  I then quickly created a few forms.  I am going to show my boss the progress I have made on it.  I hope it is at least going in the right direction.


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