Tough week

This week has been very intense.  School, work and family have overrun my time.  I feel like I can see the light at the end of the rainbow for school, and it makes it that much harder.  I know now that I will be debt free within a month, My car will be gone.  I will be Rent free within 3 months.

With my classes, I am quickly finding that I would have much more fun doing a programming degree.  Each class or assignment which has been related to it since I started school, I have aced, enjoyed, and in general would do again if given the opportunity.  My degree related schooling, while it is stuff I need to know for my job is so droll and boring.  My intended career is not boring, but the schooling for it is quite boring.  I feel like I am in a history class sometimes, and want to pass out.

Either way, At least my classes are over comptuer stuff now.  There were several semesters where I  learned nothing about computers.

I do plan to continue with my Project spark game, but I am about to go into super scary mode with school.  I am overloading my class schedule to get finished sooner.  I wish I had been able to do that sooner, I’d be done way before now.

I really should consider doing more blog posts related to security.  There are a few more topics I have been working on, but I am taking my time.  In particular, on the point of passwords, I want to explore password keepers and how to set up a portable password keeper which minimizes exposure to hacking.

Anyways, I am extremely exhausted and will post more later.

What I learned today: NOSQL databases were designed with the purpose of solving the Big Data problem.  They are not focused as much on the consistency of data as much as the flexibility, expandability and speed of it.


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