Creating a Game Part 3

The game has progressed quite a bit since I started.  I have the age system set up, but now I want to work on the weight system.  The modification of stats will be in a very similar manner regardless of what it is affecting.

The weight will use the following formula:

I guess I will start using pictures like this to show what the code actually looks like after describing it.  As you can see though, I am making 40 be the maximum age modification and 0 be the minimum, which it adds to the base of 5 which can be added to by modifiers such as magic rings, potions, etc.

The intention is to have each item have a weight.  A sword may weigh 2 pounds, where a shield weighs 3.  If the player is just starting out they have a weight limit of 5 pounds.  In this case, they would be maxed out, and could not hold any more items.  Worn items and Inventory Items both count towards this weight limit.  For a player to wear a better weapon, they have to either age a bit for their weight limit to go up, or they can get a potion to wear it, but once the potion wears out they will be forced to disarm until they re potion up.

Now, that we have a weight limit, we need to know what kind of items we will have.  I have already determined that Weapons and Armor are important, so Weapon and Shield.  We will also need Potions and charms.  A potion is a 1 time use, and a charm is an inventory item with magic properties.  Potions are way more powerful than charms, but charms are a passive constant effect, whereas potions are one time use.

I have looked into how I want the Inventory to work.  In particular, you will hold the D-Pad button down in a direction and press the right and left bumper to switch between items.  Once selected, you will press the right button (X or what have you) to equip or use the item.  I will look into the code to do this later.


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