Kindle Productivity – Daily blog

I really should change the name of these from Daily blog to just blog.  I don’t always have time to write a blog,  so it isn’t exactly daily.

Right now I am writing this in the most awkward, and sideways position because one dog has proped herself on my side, and the other is on my back, and the unsorted laundry is currently on my other side while my leg hangs off the bed on a laundry basket.

I am also, oddly enough, writing this on a Kindle Fire HD which I won at a work Christmas Party.  Amazon has got a bit of a complex when it comes to productivity though on their tablets.  So, how do I use the latest browsers, and how do I use “gasp” Microsoft Office on it?

Well, I have two methods right now to complete productivity.  For regular day to day things, such as viewing school work and completing blog posts, I have installed Google Chrome on here.  To do this I had to install a third party app store (They exist in droves, but you have to usually enable 3rd party apps to install them)  In that app store I was able to find Chrome for Android, which surprise Kindles are Android.  I installed it, and it works like a champ.  The other app I have been using quite heavily was Office 365 which Microsoft released for Android a while back.  It allows me to modify files on my OneDrive and other network locations.  It works with the major office applications such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and it supports PDF and some other formats.  Additionally, it is a very nice launcher app.

The more intense applications which cannot run on a tablet, I have set up a vnc application to run them from my server.  Although, I rarely do this because bandwidth is usually at a premium.

The problems I have noticed so far using Kindle for these purposes is that these products do not update automatically like they would on a normal android market.  Additionally, because Google Play has been essentially removed from the kindle, extensions will sometimes be not found which require me to go find them in the third party app store (they are all there, but it is a hassle to get some of them).

In all actuality, I should probably give up and get a Surface 3 or something similar, but I already have a laptop, I just want to find a place for my free tablet.

I am looking forward to an entire week off of school.  My mind needs the mental break.  I haven’t gone a single week for the last 2 and a half years without some sort of information being forced down my throat.  This will be pleasant.  I hope I dont have a mental break down or something.  I think I will work on making this tablet into something it is not, giving up once I realize the true limitations, and then wondering what else I can do it with.

What I learned today:  Software Restriction Policy GPOs are cumulative and can be used to produce a whitelist of software, and then as a blacklist for certain users upon that white list.


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