Daily Blog Post 24 July 2014

Where to begin?  Today has been a very fun day.  Work didn’t suck, and I managed to get a lot done with my server project.  I plan to use my server for 3 major reasons.  The first is as a file server for anything we would liek to store and have it protected.  The second is to have a Plex Media server running from it.  Then the third is home automation, although that might be down the line a bit.  The first step was to get it set up.  As I just finished setting it up, I will focus on the basics for now, I set it up and assigned its IP which worked fine, but now it wont connect to any other computer on the work group, so I will have to make sure all of the computers are on the same domain, that might cause it.  Regardless, I guess I have to take a hiatous from my server to complete my school work for the remaining days of the week.  Priorities of course.

What I learned today: Services are checked in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Services and you can remove them by just deleting the key, although you have to know what you are doing there, as if you remove the wrong service by accident, Windows won’t exactly be forgiving.



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