Daily Blog 7/13/2014

Hello there again.  A lot has happened since my last post, and I am not ashamed to admit that it has been awesome.  I guess I should start by stating that I graduated on time, and I did so with Sumo Cum Laude (not sure of the spelling, never have been fond of latin.)  Mainly though, I have been focused on my school work and my normal work.  Luckily for me, my primary problem at work is gone.  My supervisor has finally transfered to another job and now we are actually free to be productive without any major problems.  The new regime actually seems to be ok with us working without yelling at us for no reason or only showing up when it seems there will be something to take credit for (despite the fact that he wasnt there for the work)  

Well on the up side, I found that I can actually complete my bachelors degree in 8 months flat if I double up my classes, and I have.  Today is one of the rare days since then that I have had any time to post something.  It is to say the least, intense.   Juggling work, school and family is probably the hardest thing I have done.  

Which segways nicely, or forcefully, into our next topic.  Benjamin is now 4 months old, and still sleeps through the night.  I am happy about that, I know not many people get that luxury.  Lately while he has been awake, he has been fussy.  This isn’t too bad, and he actually has started talking in his baby gibber which I don’t understand.  Eventually I will hear a real word but for now it is just syllables which are really well placed.

What I learned today:  I am able to use my blue tooth keyboard and mouse with my new phone to turn it into what seems exactly like a computer with mouse cursor and all.


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