Review for Economy Inn on Tidewater Drive in Norfolk, Virginia

I would like to start my review of this hotel by stating that I am a very forgiving person.  I understand circumstances might have led to an inaccurate assumption of the state of this place.  However, if I could give negative stars, this would be a place to give it to.

My stay started off with the ordering of a 2 night stay.  The location in down town near the complex we are doing our ceremony in gave me a definite plus for the price.  Although, looking back, with the state of the neighborhood it is in, I’m surprised I didn’t get shot walking up to the counter.

The state of the room is horrid.  The first thing you notice when you enter the room is the dingy state of it, and the pungent odor of cigarette smoke, even though the sign on the door says no smoking.  Then when you go to close the door, you realize that the door has been forced open before and the latch has been broken off.  To add to this, there are black stains (I am going to presume blood) on the floor which if I were a forensic specialist I would say looked like a body was shot and dragged into the bathroom.  Speaking of the bathroom, the fan broke.  When I first entered it, I found that there was still “something” in the toilet.  I flushed it, and thankfully it went down.  Unfortunately the smell did not go down.  Nor did it go away.  Additionally, we apparently are supposed to get by with half a roll of toilet paper of 1 ply.  I actually would consider it 100 grit if I had to gauge it.  Although the door says no smoking, and there is even a cage around the smoke detector to prevent people from tampering with it, there was an ash tray on the table which had recently been used, as evident in the stains on it.

I figured, why not take a shower.  Because, you know it stank.  So I started the water, and realized the bathroom was stopping up.  Not because we were on a ground floor, because we weren’t.  So I switched the water over to shower (which took some serious force as it was rusted in place.)  There was hot water, which is a definite plus.  Unfortunately for me, there was only 2 temperatures to this water.  Skin Sloshing off because it is so hot and off.  So the shower was quick.  I got out and decided it was a good time to check out the bed.  Standard bedding material, was normal.  Then I realized the pillows (I say plural because there were 3 pillows in this room) were of the type which if the dollar store sold 1 dollar pillows, it would out match these by a mile.  They were thin and useless as pillows.  Ok, whatever I got an arm to sleep on.  So I put my drink on the bed side table, which I guess was a good idea at the time.  Then I noticed next to my cup the unmistakable scratches and cuts which come from cocaine lines. 

I ignored them because sleep is really all that matters right?  Unfortunately sleep didn’t come easy either.  The blanket reminded me of those annoying Christmas sweaters which make you itch, because guess what, it itched.  The air conditioner sounded like a large industrial unit that you see on top of Wal-Mart, but for a single room.  It was loud and kept me up.  If that wasn’t enough, a lady kept going around telling everyone very very loudly that it was her birthday, and all she wanted was beer.  Then she proceeds to ask them for money for beer.  Not to mention the gun shots, ambulances, cops, etc. which consistently fly past this place.  There also seems to be a guy who thought tonight was a good time to have his car alarm honk every 30 seconds to 1 minute (Just a single horn blast.)  I almost forgot the train, ohh the rattling train which is only about 50 yards from the hotel, and is also very frequently used.

To top it off, there is no wifi.  I had to write this when I was without signal, and then I had to upload it after I had left.  I checked in for 2 nights, so did my family.  We only stayed 1 night before bailing out.

In summary, NEVER NEVER EVER stay at this hotel.  I don’t care what race, creed, color, or even age.  This hotel is a detriment to the idea of hotels, and to give money to the owner is to give money to Satan himself by allowing this hell to remain open.


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