Daily Blog Post (5/25-26/2014) Big Trip Day 2-3

Ok, so the second day went well.  The tire place actually managed to get the tire in time.  They also had a second tire shipped in, so I took the time to get my other back tire replaced.  We made it up here after nightfall, but still well within time to talk before bed.

The third day went much better, we started off by heading over to iHOP.  That went well, I got a chicken wrap.  Then we spent the morning playing around and relaxing.  Then we got a fishing license from Wal-Mart.  Initially the plan was to just go fishing tonight.  Instead, we decided to just not worry about fishing tonight, and do it tomorrow.  My big focus was school, and boy did I take a hit working on that.  Instead of getting my usual 90s and above, I got 65 on the test.  I must have not studied enough.  This week I won’t let that happen.  I will pass this class with an A, like it or not.

Benjamin is taking this trip well.  He seems to have taken a dislike to his car seat.  Justifiably so, because of the long painful trip down.  We need to make sure that we limit the time in the car seat and when he does we need to make it a playful experience.  I don’t want him to associate the car seat with a bad day.

What I learned today: “Popcorn Hangover” has nothing to do with alcoholic popcorn.  In fact, it refers to a situation where you have watched a movie so devoid of any mental processing, that the next day you wake up and wonder how you could have ever liked a movie so crappy.


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