Daily Blog Post (Big Trip Day 1) 5/23/2014

Ok, so I have always considered my luck to be quite good.  I am only where I am at because I have worked hard, and I happened to be in the right place at the right time.  Now I consider this an act of god, but I know many would just call it consequence.  Either way, I count myself lucky.

Today, at least, my luck has been in the opposite end of the spectrum.  I just started my vacation which I am taking a trip to Maryland.  I know anyone reading this from Maryland is probably asking themselves (what the hell for?)  I have family there I want to see, and I graduate on the 31st so It’s a dual purpose trip.  

My trip actually started last night when we were packing everything up.  We of course didn’t want to forget anything important.  That is fine, so made a list of everything we had to take.  I meticulously packed everything to be perfectly ready.  This went well.  This morning, I got up before my wife to start packing, I let her sleep in as late as she wanted.  Then we started our trip at about 8 am.  At around 8:20 am, and quite a few miles up the road, we found that we forgot a single item.  My honor stole for my graduation gown.  This is fine though because we can just have it mailed to us.  No big deal.  Worst case we have a week to have it shipped up or order a new one.  However, that was hit number 1.

Hit number 2 happened at the 95 mile mark.  The car in front of me suddenly slowed down.  Ok, slow sucks, but is still manageable…  Then it stopped.  This was about the time I was glad I didn’t just coast in and actually braked…  This dead stop-5mph lasted about 8 10 miles.  Then it worked its way back to normal traffic.  In South Carolina, we road on the bumpy ass roads for a while until I got a light that popped up and told me that my tire pressure was low.  Low is not dead, so I went on a tad…  Turns out low was exploded.  Smoke was coming from the tire and we pulled over.  This was hit 3.  Luckily for me, I had a spare in the trunk, but it required pulling everything out of the trunk in order to get at it.  I pulled the spare out and started jacking up the car.  I did find that my jack has a nice little diagram which explained perfectly where the jack points are.  For the record, its painfully obvious, but it’s nice that they care enough to tell you.

I got the old wheel off, and then placed the spare tire on it.  My wife wanted to call it a dummy, and I kindly reminded her that it we are not in the UK, and their slang can stay there, we got too much slang of our own to worry about learning.  Unfortunately, I could only get the top 3 bolts through the hole.  The car had to be lifted just a millimeter or two more up.  So I tried.  Then the car lurched and fell.  (there was no jack stand)  This was hit 4.  Luckily this time that I had the wheel partially on, it held the weight long enough for me to place the jack back on and lift it back up.  The spare was finally on, and we called USAA to ask for the nearest tire shop.  Spares aren’t supposed to last forever you know.  We got that it was walmart on exit 57 in a town called walterboro.

Once at Wal-Mart, we parked over by the auto center and walked in.  I asked them about the tire I need (225/40 ZR 18) and of course their response was, “I don’t think any walmart has that size…”  (hit 5)  So I walked around while calling around to all of the shops.  NO ONE had it… (hit 6).  Fortunately, a single shop had one in their warehouse and said they could get it to me by tomorrow morning.  This was the best offer as everyone else said by Tuesday at a minimum.  Since I now knew that I was staying I checked in at the local Super 8 (which was the closest hotel.)  Then I relaxed for a bit before heading over to eat.  Nothing really eventfully happened there except finding out some outstanding cuisine, I’ll get to the good stuff in a minute after the grip fest.  We got back and decided to relax for a while.  We started watching Kill bill Vol. 1.  This went well until the lights flickered off.  I didn’t think much about it since I had a laptop, I was like “HA I beat you silly power!” then the movie stopped because it only streams so much in advance.  Ok, not a big deal, We checked with the front office and found that the entire town had a power outage… (hit 7)  So… in a normal fashion when you lose internet, you try to reaquaint yourself with the normal world by walking around.  So we did.  We walked over to petsmart next door.  However, they refused to let anyone in since the lights were all out. (hit 8)  So we walked over to walmart again…  The lights were on and so was the air conditioning.  So we enjoyed ourselves for a bit by just strolling around.  Then I had to go to the bathroom.  So I headed over and found that (ohh no) every stall was full….  (hit 9) and so I went to the other bathroom where the only stall was the special needs one.

So, I took it.  Unfortunately for me, it looked like someone decided to write their name in poop and pee on the walls (what the hell people…) (hit 10)  Since then, things have been much better.


Now, I don’t want everyone to be thinking that I am having a horrible trip, on the contrary, I am taking everything as it goes with bliss.  These distractions are what makes a vacation really unique.  If I went up to Maryland, and nothing happened, it would be a good trip, but it wouldn’t stand out much.  We would miss so much between here and there.  But now I am forced to stop, I take the time to enjoy the scenery.  I am learning about the locals, the food we had was awesome, the people have all be super nice (tire shops would call other tire shops to try to find one for me to go to) and the weather is quite nice for it all.  While my luck may be faltering a bit, my spirits still remain high up there.  We will see how changes. 

Ohh, I am sure you guys may be wondering what about the geese.  They finally left me.  I see them roaming around in some of the fields, but they have left my car and me to be.  The eggs hatched (all except one which my co worker is trying his best to hatch and rehabilitate)  So at least temporarily, I am doing fine.

What I learned today:  Red wine does not actually help you remain healthy just because it is red wine.  It was found that you would need to drink a LOT of red wine to get the healthy effects shown in mice.  Like enough wine to die from, and the supplements which you can find might now help because your body typically just gets rid of supplements.


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