Daily Blog Post 17/5/2014

Well, I had a nice long post here.  I hate when that happens.  Ahh well.  Today worked out pretty good.  I got to take Benjamin to the Blood Donation place in town.  I wanted him to see me give blood, and hopefully get the idea that it isn’t odd to do that.  I want him to realize that it isn’t the money that matters when it comes ot helping out.  I may never get a dime for domating blood.  The point that keeps me donating is that I know my blood is going to someone.  I don’t know if it is a rich person who can afford their own hospital, someone who just happened to cut their arm off in a horrific circus accident, or a drug addict who will get hit by a car within the week.  It doesn’t matter to me.  It is going to someone, and that someone wouldn’t have gotten anything otherwise.  Knowing that helps me feel better about the idea of donating.

We also enjoyed a game night over at a friends house.  Now Benjamin has a head ache because it was nice and loud.  Either way, it was fun and then I found myself writing an update.

What I learned today: If your glasses are lost, you can make a small hole with your hand (or in a piece of paper) and look through that.  The glasses work by focusing a bunch of light onto a single point in the back of your eyes.  Your vision might blur because the light isn’t directly shining on the back part of your eye evenly.  By using a small hole, there is only one place light can really go through so no chance of bluring.

This week I ran: 9 miles


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