Daily Blog Post 14/5/14

Well now, today was interesting.  I got up, and did my obligatory state mandated poop.  (You probably know the one I am talking about, it just “has” to happen every morning or every afternoon around the exact same time)  Well this time things went wrong and I guess I was a little sick.  Of course, me being me, I decided to weigh myself afterwards because I felt like I was 5 pounds lighter.  Unfortunately, mass and weight are not always the same and I only lost about .5 pounds.  Now, on to the interesting points of my day.

I am trying for a promotion, and specifically this promotion requires me to go infront of a board of interviews, and submit a resume package.  I have been going over my resume for days, and I really feel comfortable with it now.  I spent maybe 4 hours today just cramming with it to make sure it is perfect and studying for questions which may be asked of me.  Either way, I am sure I will do fine.  I don’t exactly have a bad background.

I didn’t have a major encounter with the birds today, mainly because I avoided their nest like the plauge.  However, I do know that they just hatched.  4 little goslings (I think baby geese are called that) and 1 unhatched egg.  The good news, they are not sitting by the cars anymore.  The bad news, they now rome the parking lot as a duck family attacking cars as a group and we have to dodge little chicks as well now.

What I learned Today: Bogs have physical characteristics which make them have no oxygen and be acidic.  Coincidentally, this is exactly the perfect conditions to make decomposition NOT happen, and 4,000 old bodys have been found in bogs around the world.


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