Daily Blog Post 12/5/2014

Ok, my birdemic isn’t as bad today, although it does rear its head a few times.

My day has been relatively good.  I was dropped off at work so my wife could use the car to take our son to the pediatrician for his 2 month physical.  Unfortunately for my son, apparently they like to give shots.  Normally shots aren’t that bad.  A few pricks that might hurt for an hour or two, no big deal.  Well we found the least caring nurse in the hospital apparently.  She jabed him twice with the ferocity of an alligator.  In the worst places too, right at the top of either leg (where it meets the diaper so it is constantly rubbing where he got his shots).

Well you could probably guess, but he is very upset and having trouble sleeping right now.  My wife is watching him right now during her “shift”  I’ll take over in a bit.  There is only so much you can do to comfort a child who is going through that and really we just have to be there for him.

Work itself as I said was good.  I got there and we did a few tests on the system I organized on friday.  It works like a champ and everyone seems to appreciate the changes.  

I also managed to finish my school coursework with a 94 average.  I was fretting over that one as that was the hardest class I have had thus far.  This new one seems ok, but it isn’t nearly as challenging.  

One of my coworkers lives just down the street in my neighborhood.  So, we decided to jog back and forth to work since we live so close.  If nothing else, it will help us become fitter.  We started today and by god it hurts.  I need to work out more.  Well, as we were leaving work today, we started running towards our neighborhood, and lo and behold, there was not 1…. not 2… not 3… but 10 geese.  They were in our way and we had no other way.  Of course they all started staring at me the moment we saw them.  We kept jogging, and I felt like I was running a gauntlet.  We did survive though and oddly enough they all got out of our way.  So the birdemic is still ongoing, but maybe those birds didn’t care as much?

What I learned today:  You should never set your primary DNS server as a DNS cache or allow it to do recursive queries as it is more vulnerable to attack if it is.


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