Daily Blog – 8/5/2014

Wow, things are finally starting to taper down.  I knew colic sucked, but that is probably an understatement.  I was told the other day that I should ask someone “What do you enjoy doing the most.” then force them to go 3 days without sleep.  They will very quickly realize that what they enjoy most is sleep.  

Work has been the usual stressful stuff all over again.  I got to route some cables today which I enjoyed doing very much, but of course stuff like that doesnt last long.  Soon I was back to answering why someone who unplugged their computer couldn’t turn it on.  

Now for the big story, the real reason I wanted so badly to get back on here.  There is a story which has been developing for some time.  Every day as I go out to my car, I have been driven to damn near paranoia by a group of birds.  Not just any birds mind you, but geese.  Now, I know what you are thinking, what a wuss it’s only birds.  Anyone who says that has never been attacked by a flock of geese without the ability to fight back legally.  They know they are protected, and they love it.

It started off as it does every year, with lots of bird sex.  The difference this year, is that they decided to nest right next to the management parking.  Ok no big deal, the nest was way off from where we park, and they left us alone.  However, management was feeling the burn.  Then one day one of the managers called in a specialist who came in with a giant stick and smashed the nest and crushed the eggs.  Say what you want about it, but apparently, thats the official method of getting rid of them once they nest.  Thats the thing though.  It didn’t get rid of them.  Usually they hang out for a few weeks and then leave.  Not any more.  The geece decided to have a second set of eggs.  Only this time it was right by where I park.

I walked out to my car like any day.  Heard a thumping in the air behind me and as I turned I realized one was flying at my face.  I ducked and turned around and realized a second one was flying lower at where my face was now.  I jumped out of the way and got in my car.  That was when I saw it.  The red bird.  It was a tiny bird the size of a blue jay, but all red and staring at me.  It then flew at me too.  

I don’t know what the hell is up with these birds, but they are after me.  This persistent attacking of only me has continued now for going on 4 weeks.  They will attack almost anyone to be sure, however if they see me in a group, they avoid all other people and go straight for me.  

Today, it was the same old, the bird was pecking and scratching my car, I started accelerating to get out of the parking lot to get away from it.  Then I had an idea and slammed on my breaks.  The goose that was chasing me slammed into the back of my car.  It was satisfying that its anger got the best of it.  I sped off, but when I looked back it had taken to another red car nearby.  I’m hoping it isn’t there tomorrow.

I should clarify that we are not allowed to harm these birds because we work on a wild life refuge.  If I were to harm one and get caught, I could goto jail.

What I learned today:  BIND is notoriously vulnerable to attacks of all kinds.  In fact, the ISC’s matrix of vulnerabilities just poped up one in the last week.


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