Daily Blog 4/14/14

So apparently this is Palandrone week.  Every day can be said the same forwards as backwards.  I am sorry for the lack of posts, but sleep is at a premium lately.  Everyone who told me I wouldn’t get sleep are smug as hell.  All of our little dreams of what we wanted for our baby seem so distant, and now we just go day by day.  Working throughout the day just to make him not be in pain.  So far, we have only found a single item which helps even a little.  That is Gripe Water.  I am not sure why it works, but by god I plan to buy the hell out of it.

Today wasn’t too bad work wise, I moved my desk to be by the window.  My last window desk got moved when they moved all of the desks around last time.  I got the hang out with a good friend, and fix his server.  Really the guy knows plenty about servers.  I tease him by telling everyone I taught him all he knows.  Technically I just taught him a few things, and gave him a lot of experience doing things correctly.  It seems to have helped him because he has been promoted several times since then.  

I should probably state real quick that I do not expect people to be extremely knowledgable when it comes to my college classes.  I don’t know everything, and it would be rediculous to expect that of people.  I do, however, expect people to try to pass courses they paid for.  I am constantly amazed at how little people try in my classes.  Our topic was about Advanced Unix Administration.  The expected discussion had us answering a few questions, and doing some research on a topic.  The actual result from these people? Two horribly mispelled sentences with no gramatical markings using chat speak to state they know nothing about Windows or Linux, and have never used either.  (Part of me is thinking that they actually have never used either, and are doing their courses on their phone or tablet)  Either way, that is it for me today.  I hope this finds everyone well and good night.

What I learned today: Although the ping command on both Windows and Linux uses ICMP to send packets, Linux’s version has much more diagnostic tools available to it than Windows.


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