Daily Blog Post 4/10/2014 Part 2

Wow, the days are moving along with newer and newer experiences to go through.  Over the last few days, our baby has been crying and screaming and in general being very fussy.  We arn’t certain why, but we took him to the doctor today and he said that our baby has colic.  So, in short, we are going to have a very painful next few months.  

Work wasn’t too overly crappy, we managed to get several servers patched up.  Nothing ever came of that dick, knowing my luck he will get a promotion. I’m certain anyone can relate to that.  There was a little stir about the Heartbleed Bug.  I know there isn’t much of an issue for the user base on this because the vulnerability has been around for so long.  They still freaked out, and we had to explain that we have been patched for months.  They wanted us to make google be patched…  so… yea.  I’m going to have to explain to them that I cant control google.  

What I learned today:  Many SSDs have built in algorithms which in an effort to make files more organized, move, delete and copy files as necessary.  This can wreck hell if you accidentally delete a file and need to recover it.  Safest bet?  Turn off the drive as soon as you realize you deleted it.


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