Daily Blog 4/3/2014

Today was exciting to say the least.  I went to our monthly area meeting for IT.  It started rather boring like, where I was sitting talking with one of the supervisors when they asked me a question about a file they needed. They mentioned that they never have the bandwidth to download it.  I replied that they obviously have enough to stream youtube and text message people on their browser.  This is another situation where I wish I had the ability to fire some people.  He obviously didn’t take that response too well.  He complained and of course I had to explain to my boss why we had supervisors feeling insulted.  Well, put simply, if you can lead your men appropriately then there wouldn’t be an issue.  I am no expert, but I’ve always learned that if you are getting inspected, you should not be doing stuff you are not allowed to do where an inspector could see it.  They obviously failed that school.

Well either way, I got to give some training on Social Engineering.  Surprise, I did well.  I think the hardest part is that I got shotgunned right before because they told the audiance that I would talk about another topic as well.  It is now over and I feel much better about it.

Work was mostly uneventful, we replaced some memory and attended that meeting.  I am still working full tilt towards helping everyone get recertified Security+.  My part in all of this is to finish the training this weekend so I can actually talk inteligibly on the subject.  I managed to scan in the rosters, and now I gotta update the website.

My wife has been having some pains in her abdomen so we took her to the doctor today.  Thankfully she is ok.  I was a little worried.  While she attended a party for tea or something or another like that, I got to relax and play some Elder Scrolls Online.  My brother ordered it and will be joining me playing after it downloads (at 20GB that might take a while.)

I then had the idea to connect an xbox controller and try to see if I could control the game with it.  I am still working on the mapping for it, but I am making headway.

What I learned today: Odontophobia is the fear of teeth.  Now I wonder who has this, and also what the fear of being Gummed by old ladies is, because that is terrifying to even think about.


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