Daily Blog 4/2/2014

Today has been an exciting time to say the least.  I should probably state that I don’t watch TV, and the reason for this was exemplified over the last 3 weeks of news I’ve gleaned from passing the TV in the office.  It was talking about, you guessed it, a flight that went down in malaysia or something like that.  It has been talking about this flight for a while now, and I doubt they will actually finish talking about it.

I did hear about the shooting at fort hood, and my prayers go out to the injured, but I know that this will get turned into another debate.  Whys are always inevitable.

At work, I did get some fun stuff done today.  We verified some windows installations, installed some memory in a computer, and even got to finalize the training I’ll be giving tomorrow.  I am going to be doing training on Social Engineering.  I shouldn’t have many of the same problems as I did while writing on it because you don’t have to worry about spell checking a speech.  Just articulating your words which I can do.  I also think I have figured out what I want to do my next tech blog on.  I’ve been doing a bit of studying on VPNs and seeing as I do not know them as I should, I’ll research them and post on them.  This is how I am going to maintain my knowledge so I figure this sort of thing will help.

When it comes to family life, we are doing good.  My wife is in pain from her C section.  I double checked it to make sure it isn’t infected and it doesnt look like it is infected, but just in case we are going to the doctor tomorrow.  I am sure it will all work out.  My baby boy is doing much better now.  We decided to get him a college savings fund.  We arn’t able to max it out, not sure who can, but we can get him started.  Our idea was to get it for him, but never tell him about it until he is signing up for college.  If he knows before that, we run the risk of him feeling entitled and losing his motivation.  I want him to try his best to get into college and apply for everything he can so that the money goes the furthest.  If he doesn’t then the money can roll over to a retirement fund I think.  Either way, it is a nice thing to have just in case.  

What I learned today: Category 7 cable exists, and there are plans already for Category 8 cable.  These are all backwards compatible with current connections.  


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