Daily Blog 3/30/2014

Hello again everyone.  I have had quite the fun day.  Though it started rather boring.  Work today wasn’t exactly what you would call riveting.  I showed up, fixed some simple trouble tickets and left.  For the record: We all joke about the user who asked about his computer not turning on when it wasn’t even plugged in, but it is real.  That kind of ticket happens all of the time.

When I got home, I helped my wife out by taking her to her sewing class.  Surprise, there was none.  We ended up heading over to get some food at Wendy’s before heading back home.  I got to play some more Elder Scrolls Online and found that my guild has doubled in size.  Rather surprisingly too.  I gave it a few silly rules for fun because it is more for just a chatting and keeping in touch kind of thing.  Some of them used a voip service for chat, I have heard of online games doing this in the past, but have never really gotten into it until now.  It seems quite easy to set up.  It was called mumble or something like that.  I have to look more into it’s security, I don’t even like skype too much because of how crazy vulnerable it is.

I’ve decided to start running to work.  I think I already mentioned it, but my first day of running is tomorrow.  I already have my backpack packed, and I feel pumped and ready to go!  I signed up for a paint run on June 28th, it will be fun to try.   It is only a 5k so I don’t think it will be difficult.  I can do those quite easily now, but I want to bring my baby boy with me.  Benjamin will be 3 months old by that point, I am sure he will enjoy the vibrant colors and stroll.

I am headed off of here for tonight because I’m dead tired, and I got to get up real early tomorrow morning (5:45am) so that I can run to work.

What I learned today: Non-Newtonian fluids, such as gummy bears and silly putty, can actually stop a bullet.  They perform as a normal liquid or gel, until a strong force impacts on them, at which time they act like a solid. 


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