Daily Blog 3/29/2014

Well I am back again, I’m surprised I managed to keep this going this long.  Typically I lose focus and move on.  It is quite relieving to write it down, however, so I think I might keep doing this.  This post is coming rather late in the day.  Mainly because I just got done doing a bon fire.  My day actually started out a bit differently.

When I got up, I was really only focused on doing my final project for my communications class.  I had to do a 4-7 Minute speech.  Now give me a speech on data fragmentation or compression algorithms, I can go all day if need be.  But the speech was over a bs topic which has no base.  I had to pick three life experiences and represent them with an object.  Well I finished it, but not before we went out to Best Buy.  Danielle just received a new carrier for my little boy, and now we don’t have to carry around a car seat to go anywhere.  He loves it.  He falls asleep as soon as you put him into it.  It frees up both arms so you can do whatever you need to do anyways.

When I got back and finished my speech, I played some more on my Diablo 3 character I just created.  He is a hardcore wizard.  So far I’m only level 6, but it is quite fun.  Tomorrow is the BIG day.  I get to play the Elder Scrolls Online.  I am super excited.

Well after a while, our friends started showing up, and I got to play a game of cornhole.  I had never played before so it was an interesting experience.  I lost in a surprising upset.  We started a bon fire and enjoyed a nice evening.  That was when our other friends called from a bachelorette party they were at.  Then, in a suprising twist of fate, the bachelorette party moved to my house where the bon fire was.  They brought smoores, Jello shots, and a penis shaped pinata.  I don’t drink, but it was nice to play host regardless.  They weren’t too crazy as I thought they would be.  We watched some videos and here I am writing this.  All in all, it was a nice day and I got to check off some of my bucket list items.

What I learned today:  Cornhole is a game played with bean bags filled with corn.  Where you throw bags at a board with a hole in it.  The goal is to get as many bags to land on the board or in the hole as possible.


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