Daily Blog 3/28/2014

Here I am again, on the blog again; Oh here I am, writing this page.  Today went considerably better than yesterday.  I started it off with a nice work out.  I managed to run 2.8 miles and walked another half mile before playing about 30 minutes of basketball.

Now I am no basketball player in any sense of the word.  If I had to choose a sport, and I have had to make this decision before, I would choose curling.  For two reasons, the first is because while it seems utterly boring and pointless, the winning team won from team work and practice.  Not from blind luck, not from hiring a bunch of brazilians, or hulking guys to beat the ever living shit out of the other team.

Well after my workout, I went into work.  Which my day started rather interesting like.  I had one or two small trouble tickets before moving onto some bigger fish.  I had a website which would not display properly.  Unfortunately for me, this exact website is the one I use for my Security+ training.  Well, I managed to get ahold of the webmasters to get some tech support.  This didn’t last too long though because basically they said it wasn’t on their side, and I should configure my proxy.  I kept coming back to this throughout the day, because this is the next big step in my major plan to get everyone recertified.  Luckily that wasn’t all I had to do today.  My supervisor came in and said we were going to load windows 7 onto some desktops.  He only had 1 disk, so I duplicated it to get us a few extra so we could do multiple machines at once.  All in all, it took about 1 hour to finish all of them.  Windows installs are easy.  For the admin password hint, since I wasn’t suppost to put any meaningful data there, I just put “I for one welcome our robot overlords.”  I am sure someone will get that eventually and laugh.

Well the rest of my day at work went rather uneventful, with a few other simple tech related problems, a bugged air card and an irate boss.  But overall a good day.

When I got home, the real fun started.  A friend of mine said 4 years of business data had been lost.  I told them I would take a look to see if I could recover it.  They obviously obliged because they looked at the data recovery prices and had sticker shock.  When they got here, they gave me another slight hurdle.  It was a Mac.  That, and it was actually 2 hard drives not 1.  Well, I was able to use a program that could see the correct file systems on windows to retrieve all of the data.  I was able to save their data on both drives, and I talked them through some of the preventative maintenance.  Hard drives fail.  It isn’t a good business practice to place all of your data onto a single hard drive.  If you do, once lost, you have to recreate the entire process.  I am still transfering on the second hard drive and he will come back later for it.  The interesting part came when he was telling his friends.  One of the them is a talent scout for different businesses.  They pretty much offered me a job on the spot.  Unfortunately, my contract isn’t up for a few more years.  It is a choice I am going to have to make then.  I really do like the idea of being “nothing but a technician” because currently my job entails so much extra baggage.  If all I had to do is fix computers or troubleshoot complex problems all day, I would love it.  But having to worry about other people’s stuff as well, is just stupid.  I would like to finish getting my degree regardless of my choice of careers.  I am so close to my associates, that I would be a fool to stop now.

Sorry for the rant, but I got a lot on my mind.  My baby boy seems much healthier today.  He is awake a bit more, but still sleeping like crazy.  I am not complaining.  I count my blessings as I have them.  I can’t wait to start teaching him how to fish and swim, and all of the other cool things dads get to teach their sons!  Well, that is down the road, and I am off for now.

What I learned today: It is possible to receive a secured connection symbol on a web browser even if you do not have a secure connection.  (You can’t always trust your browser apparently)


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