Daily Blog 3/27/2014

Well now, today was a doozy.  I have been utterly terrified, pissed off, and in general not so happy.  This morning started off ok, I got up and to work on time.  My ear isn’t hurting nearly as much anymore either, which I am taking as a good sign as now the pain is centralized around a muscle in my neck.  Looks like Wallyball stikes again.

[Wallyball – A sport played inside of a racquetball court with a volleyball net set up in the middle.  Played almost identicle to volleyball with the exception that you can use walls.]

Well, my day continued, and I started work on a project I have decided is worthwhile for me.  My peers all require their Security+ certification, and we have many options available to us to maintain it.  However, not many of them know where to go or what to do.  So I am making templates, and directions which people should be able to just copy, and use.  The burden of work will still be on them to get their stuff recertified, but now they will have a place to go.  I spent a decent amount of time this morning setting that up.  It won’t be finished for a while, however, because I had to send some emails, and have not received any information back.

Right at 11, my wife called me and informed me that my baby boy had a fever of 104-106.  Seeing as he is like 2 weeks old, that concerned me greatly.  I had her take a rectal temp, because we normally use the laser which can only sense surface body temperature.  It came back 98.8 so everything is all right.  I still had her check with the pediatrician, but all in all it turned out ok.  We have been watching him like a hawk today, because he is also really sleepy.  So far, he seems ok.  He isn’t irritated or anything.  So, I reluctantly continued with my day.

Me and the new guy had to goto a remote site where we were half inspecting, half installing a new system.  I am not an expert in inspection etiquette, but last time I checked, the last thing you tell a team of individuals who are inspecting you is “Why the fuck couldn’t you come earlier, don’t you guys do anything up there?” while the individual is watching youtube videos with his feet proped up.  Well needless to say, things went about that well for the entire install.  We had to troubleshoot some minor technical issues with the network connection.  Turns out, if you plug the network cable into the wrong port it doesn’t work.  Who’d a thunk it.  I work with some real geniuses sometimes. When we finally turned over the new piece of installed hardware to the remote site, their response was sheer anger with us because they had to use the new equipment.  At that point, I was through with their hijinks and I left, they can email or call later if they have questions.

Well, I got back and found out one of the younger guys at the office is getting a divorce.  I feel sorry for the guy, but the most I can do for him is offer him a place to talk about stuff other than his situation.  It is up to him if he wants to talk about it.  I hope he works things out in the end.

I also got word that some of the memory we used was given to us by mistake.  And it actually belongs to another department.  So there is currently a person who has a computer with no memory until we sort out getting more.  This isn’t too bad, because the person in question almost never uses his computer.  I am still going to have to explain it to him, because even if he never uses it, he will get a bit angry if I don’t.

I personally have been going over remote classroom training today for my Security Plus recertification, as well as professional development.  The course I am currently taking is called Wireless Security, and I am finding it riveting.  At least I am learning still.

Well, that is pretty much it for today, I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

What I Learned Today: Bluetooth uses spread spectrum frequency hopping, which was developped by a singer named heddy lamar during World War II.  They couldn’t impliment it during WWII because the technology didn’t exist to take advantage of it.  By the time technology caught up, the patent had run out on it.



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