Daily Blog 3/26/2014

I decided I should get to daily blogging.  Mainly as a vent, but in some ways, I think my ideas and random rants might help others.  You may notice I have a few categories already, I want 3 main ones to work with.  My primary one is called Technical Posts, my secondary daily blog will be this one, and when I do random research, I will use the Random Research category.  I want to have some form of order to my chaotic posts.  I don’t have any limits to the sizes for my posts, You’ll notice some of my posts are huge, and some are tiny.  I don’t mind if you only skim over them either.

And Begin!

Today was hectic.  I started it out by showing up a tad late.  Not the best start to a day, but at least I was only late for my personally set time and not the actual start time.  I had to set up a meeting for my boss, which went rather well.  I took the new guy with me.  I want him to understand the level of detail we put into every meeting.  We as techs do not get a lot of face time with the boss, so how we set up his meetings tell him we are doing a good job.  I have heard a lot of people talk about how we have a horrible job because the only time someone sees us is when our system messed up and we have to give them tech support.  I disagree, our work is evident to others in how we make cable runs, how computers are set up, the degree of professionalism when dealing face to face.  Well, by the time we finished setting up, there was a seperate meeting we had to set up.  This was supposed to be a quick turn on the system, load a webpage, and sit back and relax while the meeting happened.  Instead it turned into a urgent crisis when the computer popped up a message stating “Windows is ready to install updates, please restart.” which isn’t a problem until the next popup says “restarting in 10, 9, 8, 7…”  The ensuing rush was redunkulous, but we managed to get it up and running in time for the meeting, which is good because it was our boss’s meeting with his boss.  Not a good time to have stuff break down, but you know how Murphy’s law is.

Since last night I have been having some ear pains, and a sore neck.  I went over to the medical clinic, and they said I have an ear infection, “yay”.   I have to go back friday, and I am keen to find out what the underlaying problem is because I do not wish my son to catch this.  He is only 16 days old now, so I am now keeping my distance from him.  My wife is all ok with this because she doesn’t want him sick, but it sucks because I really like holding him and teaching him to use his arms and such.  Its interesting how little a baby knows about their own body.

I started taking training today to renew my Security+, and I found out only halfway through the training that I was taking the wrong one.  That is fine, it is very interesting stuff about wireless security.  I will definitely finish that training before I continue on with the good stuff.  

You might have noticed, but I posted my first Technical stuff post on Social Engineering.  It was rather long, but that is one of the topics I could probably talk ALL day about.

I think I will sign off of here for now, and see y’all in the morning.

What I learned today:  802.11ac using the 5GHz range because the size of the spectrum used is too big for 2.4GHz, and it is capable of theoretical speeds of 1Gb/s.

– Squirrel


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